Halal Korean Food in KL

as a follow up to my search of halal korean food in KL, i think this might be it.

my cousin, who has been kind and perhaps persistant enough (even when i am almost at the brinks of giving up), have found one Korean Restaurant that’s halal. it’s located at Darby Park.

apparently, quoting her, “all restaurants in Darby Park are certified halal“. it’s supposedly their policy to only have halal food providers in their premises.

and did you know that there are such thing as halal certification of hotels, which is based on the hotel’s main kitchen, given by JAKIM?

as i did, you might be asking “Are you sure?“…

well, for one thing, if you’re unsure, might as well skip it altogether.

as for me, with the halal certification from JAKIM, i think i’m gonna give it a go. but for my own good and comfort, i’ll ask them first!

7 thoughts on “Halal Korean Food in KL

  1. tapi dont think JAKIM would issue halal certificate if the restaurant serves alcohol eventhough all their food is halal

  2. what about a ‘NO-PORK, NO LARD’ restaurant??

    maybe the food/meat is HALAL but since it does serve ALCOHOL, so, it could not get the certification of HALAL from JAKIM… so, the owner just put the ‘NO-PORK, NO LARD’ sign???

    would you (as muslims/malay), still eat there???

  3. Sure why not>> its a different situation btween buying food from 7-11 and restaurant bcoz at 7-11 food sold by packing but if we eat at the restuarant which is served alcohol, it might end with eating the same “kuali” and glass use to serves food/drink. Better avoid it rather than buying cause i think there is a lot of another halal restuarant in Malaysia.

  4. (barging in, hi :D) thought I’d share. there’s really nothing wrong with just rinsing a wine glass and then using it to drink plain water. alcohol isn’t haram because it’s “unclean” like pork and other non-halal meats, it’s haram due to its intoxicating effect (and before anything, flambe’d desserts or those Jack Daniel’s steaks at TGIF still have at least 25% alcohol in them. the cooking period doesn’t completely rid it off). though, just to make sure, ask the management. No harm done. We’re consumers after all.

  5. salam, i know the previous no 1 manager of darby park before he being promoted to PNB and he is a muslim. He said he confirmed that all the food served in the Darby Park is Halal eventhough the korean restaurant serve soju(alcohol). So I have tried it once, overall the food is ok just it grill chicken doesn’t look like korean grilled chicken as i see in normal korean dishes cuz the grilled chicken there look like satay and taste like satay. ;-) Same goes to the korean restaurant in KLCC, according to the manager, the food is halal, it just they are serving alcohol so that they cannot get jakim halal certificate. Eventhough the manager is a malay, but looking to her dressing, she doesn’t look like a islamic women cuz her dressing doesn’t follow the “islamic dressing code”. So i decide not to try. Cuz i have a bit worries due to her dressing.

  6. correction
    a good islamic women cuz her dressing doesn’t follow the “islamic dressing code”. So i decide not to try. Cuz i have a bit worries due to her dressing.

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