AJL 25 – Meet Uncle Hussein, Ana Rafali

Meet Uncle Hussein n black – drama king
Backing by orchestra also
Pantomime gimmick again. U did the same thing the last time, kan?
What’s with the military getups by the bands tonight? Ala2 My Chemical Romance…
Vocal Black tak berapa menyerlah. Simpan utk lagu sendiri jap lagi agaknye.

[disebabkan techinal problem, original review telah terpadam. Huhuh]

Hafiz – noktah cinta
Performance wise just so-so.
Hafiz pertaruhkan magic sebagai gimmic macam Mawi pernah buat dulu.
Suara not bad but nit great.
Tak berapa menyerlahkan kekuatan lagu.

Ana Rafali – tolong ingatkan aku
She, not to disappoints her fan, still wears baju kurung during first minute of her performance
After that, by ‘magic’ (yet, again), changed to a red god-knows-what top.
Vocally pun not that great.

So, this round i give it to MUH.

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